Rio Sunshine Yellow

The Sunshine Yellow logo pattern is a part of our brand collection and it has been created with love and passion for the Caribbean tropical warm climate.  If you’re looking for adventure tours of the tropical Caribbean islands, St Kitts, Nevis and the West Indies is the place to go and visit.  The coast line and its surroundings of the beautiful warm beaches represents the yellow sun, which is why it is incorporated within the design.  The sunshine logo pattern is combined with the warmth, which makes it stand out to feature Caribbean humidity climate.  This is why the sunshine logo pattern is the right choice colour to use within our brand.

We specifically created these logos from our heritage of the Caribbean and minds.  Hence your slogan ‘With the Caribbean In Mind’.  Our idea, brand and business is to reach out to a wide range of audience’s, such as the local people and business, international promotion and productions, Carnival Seasons throughout the world and businesses that will ‘Rock’ with us. 

‘Walk and Talk with us throughout this journey of business’