Love & Passion

The red and white combination both signifies a natural state of colours. 

Red is the dynamic colour within the colour pattern.  It is warm and mostly associated with Love and Passion as well as anger and danger.  Red represents an increase in heart beats due to excitement and happiness, therefore makes a person feel strong emotions.

White is the natural colour as it represents a natural state and standouts from over colours.  The colour represents purity and innocence which creates a sense of spirituality , cleanliness, feeling refreshed and an energized mood.

Throughout the Caribbean and worldwide, red and white as a dress code is a wonderful colour to represent love and passion, which also represents valentines for lovers for both man and woman. 

We specifically created these logos from our heritage of the Caribbean and minds.  Hence your slogan ‘With the Caribbean In Mind’.  Our idea, brand and business is to reach out to a wide range of audience’s, such as the local people and business, international promotion and productions, Carnival Seasons throughout the world and businesses that will ‘Rock’ with us. 

‘Walk and Talk with us throughout this journey of business’