Military Camo

The Camouflage which has details of green, black, brown and tan colours are used for different surroundings concealed by appearance of certain environments.  In the Caribbean and worldwide, camouflage is used for military campaigns and training purposes to disguise the presence of the military equipment’s from not being seen and intruders.

Black is the nature colour which represents the right conditioning of the harmonizing of places and environments which grounds the effect of the surroundings.

Green is the natural colour which symbolises calm and relaxing moods.  The green associates with a new beginning with growth and creates a balance within your surroundings.

The brown is a natural colour, enriched with the sense of reliability and strength.  The brown is a sense of stability, support and safety which associated with earth and wood.

Tan is a pale tone of brown and is derived from tannin, used in tanning leather.  Tan colour was first recorded by the English as colour 1590, then the colour is blended with wood and leafs.

We specifically created these logos from our heritage of the Caribbean and minds.  Hence your slogan ‘With the Caribbean in Mind’.  Our idea, brand and business is to reach out to a wide range of audience’s, such as the local people and business, international promotion and productions, Carnival Seasons throughout the world and businesses that will ‘Rock’ with us. 

‘Walk and Talk with us throughout this journey of business’