Black History | African National Trident

These magnificent colours of red, black, green and gold symbolises the Ancient Holy Kemet spiritual conception.  Researchers, and historian philosophers such as Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Dr John Henrick Clake, Dr Jeffery, Dr Ben Yochannon, Professor Kaba, Professor Small Brother Polight, Brother Reggie, Shakka Ahmose, Khalid Muhammed, Heru Ankhra Semahi, Taj Tarik Bey, Dr Asa Hillard, Dr Anthony BrowderMfundishi and many more knowledgeable teachers.  The Red, Black, Green and gold trimmings were founded deep into the Great PharaohKings & Queens royal burial chambers pyramid.   

Through various speeches especially from the great Marcus Mosiah Garvey expresses himself with regards to both the National Trident Colours of Africa and the history of Ethiopia, Sudan, Nambia and Kemet.  These colours red, black, green and gold trimmings, as well as white, blue, and gold trimming were used around the Nile Valley areas to represent these countries spiritually.   

During the celebrations of Rasta, Rastafarians celebrate using the colours of red, black, green and gold.  They celebrate Haile Selassie and chant ‘Jah Rastafari’.  This is to create and connect the spiritual being with the atmosphere.